Photo Meme

I’ve started taking pictures for the Photo Meme.

engagement ring
Krissy asked to see my engagement ring.

medicine cabinet
Krissy also asked to see my medicine cabinet. Nothing too interesting or strange in there.

Krissy also asked to see a picture of Joe playing SWG.

computer area
Aubrey asked to see my computer area. You can see my two mini-pumpkins on my shelf.

Aubrey also asked to see dishes in the cabinets.

Bethany asked to see my kitchen cabinet. I think this is the most interesting one since it has the most food.

  • JOe’s in a starport in that picture! I’m such a dork :).

  • I love your ring. :-)
    actually, an opal is exactly what I want for an engagement ring, too. I was so thrilled to see that you wanted one, too. It didn’t make me feel quite so odd anymore. (everyone looks at me and says “how could you NOT want a diamond?!”)

  • I love all these pics! 😀

  • and I second that, I love your ring :) opals are so gorgeous. a friend of mine had a very small opal pendant in 5th grade and I loved watching the colors change.

  • I also love your engagement ring!! When I was younger, I always thought that opals must be diamonds because they’re so pretty; I was disappointed when I found out the truth.
    I wish I could wear opals, but I don’t have the skin tone for them. They always look weird on me.

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