Coming up with a layout on demand is hard! This is why I never finished a layout I was supposed to make for Hazel, in oh..June. I just couldn’t come up with anything. With most of my layouts, I don’t plan to make a layout. I randomly get an idea and then I make the layout. Whenever I say “okay I’m going to make a layout today”, either I never get anywhere or the layout sucks.

I thought this first assignment for web design wouldn’t be too difficult. Make two layouts in Photoshop for a travel agency. Okay. No problem right? Hah.

I’m finally getting somewhere on the first template. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my better ones. I decided today to go with “Haunted Holidays” because we’re allowed to do any sort of travel agency we wish. There are pretty much no royalty free stock photos of haunted houses, so I’m forced to create my own graphics. I’ll post them when I’m finished with them this week.

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