I gave in and went to the eye doctor today (cost me $50…grr). She recommended I use hydrocortisone cream. She said that it happens to her eyes too sometimes in the summer (something about humidity and skin rubbing together). After two weeks if it’s not helping she’ll refer me to a dermatologist. She said my eyes look great, so it’s all superfical.

I didn’t get that admin assistant job. Got a generic letter from them today. Wasn’t really expecting to.

I got pissed off today at the web design class again. I was thinking about what they were having us do and realized how stupid it is. So we had to design a template in Photoshop and slice it. They gave us specific dimenions (to fit an 800×600 resolution). So when you view it in a browser it looks, well, stupid. There’s the design in the left corner and unless you’re viewing it in that resolution, a bunch of white space around it. Now how is that a good website design? A website design should fill the whole screen and scale according to resolution. The only CSS they have us make is for the text…no setting of background color is mentioned. Plus, when you import it from ImageReady, it’s all a big table. Table-layout designs were obsolete how many years ago? Why are they having us learn to work with that? What about standards-compliant XHTML? Not to mention that if you want to add (different size) images and such you have to either fiddle with the table or reslice the whole thing.

I said screw it and took out all the table code except for the navigation links. I’m going to do it my way, with divs and CSS. If she grades me down for it, I’ll be very upset. Imagine getting marked down for using correct technology!

  • I’m glad the eye problem isn’t anything too serious, and I hope it clears up soon.

    I’m getting really tired of all the “sorry, we don’t want you, but we’ll keep your resume on file” letters I’m getting. gar. *kicks them, and the people who send yours*

    and that IS frustrating, about your design class. argh!

  • Hey! About the design class – I’ve had teachers like that before. I usually just suck it up for the grade so that I can at least pass and get the credit to be able to do my own thing in the future, but with a design class, it almost becomes a…moral (for lack of a better word) issue because it’s supposed to be both aesthetically pleasing and standards-compliant. There’s no reason you should be in a design class that teaches you to do things incorrectly. I’d be upset too if she graded you down on it.

    By the way, I came in while looking for a webring – Dirty Hippies. Is that gone? Either way, I love the simplicity of your design. I love black and red. I also have a journal (http://foreversaved.diaryland.com) if you’re interested, but I’m not here to plug my site, don’t worry.

    God bless, hugs and kisses.

    Lots of Love,
    ><> Elizabeth <><

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