I’m getting frustrated with my web design class. The first two projects I got 120/150 on so my average is an 84%. Now, a B isn’t bad, but that will ruin my 4.0 average. And to have it ruined by a WEB DESIGN class will just….well, suck. I know what I’m doing. I’ve done it all well. I don’t know why my grade is so low. My design isn’t the greatest, but it’s not bad. There was also nothing in the assignment this week that referred to the design. All we had to do was slice up the image and import into Dreamweaver. I did that! It looked fine!

I’m also just frustrated with life. Can’t find a job. Can’t even find any jobs to APPLY for. My eyelid infection is still there…spread to the other eye too. Need to see a doctor or an eyedoctor about it but don’t know which. Can’t afford it anyway. Spencer still needs his yearly shots…he’s two months overdue. Can’t afford it. Ash is getting really sick…throwing up and he’s way way too thin. Can’t afford it but gonna have to take him to the vet this Thursday anyway. Can’t pay my medical bills or my regular bills…had to borrow money from parents to pay for car insurance and everything else this month. Stopped going for physical therepay…they changed therepists and don’t like the new people…plus wasn’t working anyway. Still in pain from hip and knees. Can’t walk right. Can’t work any job that involves walking, standing, or talking on the phone constantly (TMJ). Really limits the job options.

Nothing seems to be going right for me.

  • Well, things can only get better! I recommend seeing a doctor asap about your eye since if they are left untreated you could be left with more problems. I hope things start to look more positive for you soon.

  • *enormous hugs*

    I will be sending good-job-hunt vibes to you, as well as healthy-pet vibes and healthy-cindy vibes. I hope everything starts getting better for you sweetie. :(

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