This has been a strange past hour. A little before 6 I left to go to my parents for dinner. The sky was getting pretty dark but I didn’t think much of it. We’ve been having lots of storms lately. Then, when I got to my parents, the sky was black. I thought I saw a cloud in the sky that was kind of…swirling. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

My parents had the news on, as usual. The whole half hour ended up being devoted to the storm. There was a tornado watch from about 5:45 till 6:45. They were calling for very high winds and very heavy rain. It was interesting watching the storm hit. The sky got even blacker and the wind really picked up. Then a minute later the rain just came pouring down.

We didn’t have any problems at my parent’s house, but there sure were problems elsewhere. They had viewer call-ins on the news. A tree went into a person’s house and the house caught on fire. Streets in Harrisburg were underwater and lots of stoplights were out. People reported several tornado sightings. One such tornado that they reported actually touched down a few miles from my parents. The tornado started to form pretty much the time I arrived at my parents, in the direction I was looking, so that swirly cloud might actually have been the tornado forming. I’ve never seen a tornado before or been near one. We hardly ever get tornados here. Tornados really frighten me. However, it was cool to possibly see one. Although at the time I saw it I didn’t think tornado since they’re so rare here. I just thought “ooh swirly cloud! neat!”.

The storm only lasted about a half hour, as storms tend to do. I left a different way than usual because the way I usually go often gets flooded when it rains (it’s under a railroad bridge and there’s a huge dip in the road there with no drains). It’s a good thing I did. The police had that part of the road blocked off. There was a car stuck in the water under the bridge.

I stopped at Borders on the way home. Mom had let me borrow money to get my book. There were two copies left on the table (of course they might have had more…) but I was pleased to see that it was selling well. I hadn’t been extremely excited about getting this book, even though I obviously wanted it. The last book had such a weird disturbed ending that I was left with a bad taste in my mind. But when I saw the cover, I mentally squealed and now can’t wait to read it, which I’m about to do in a few minutes.

  • which book did you get?

  • Brimstone, by Dougles Preston and Lincoln Child. It rocks so far :)

  • what kind of genre are the Preston-Child books? I know you’ve talked about them a lot and I’m curious :) always looking for something new and good to read!

  • I answered that in my email :) For anyone else though, they’re kind of like Michael Crichton books…not sure what the genre would be called though. Science/high-tech/adventure/thiller/mystery/dectective/with a touch of the supernatural and weird?

  • Tornadoes scare the crap out of me, and we have the tornado warnings all the time! I wish they were rare here too…

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