Did I ever post here that I changed the date of the wedding? I decided about a month ago that October 15 would be a much better date than June 4. One of the main reasons is that June 4 is my last day of class before I graduate. I’d have to deal with classes right before my wedding which I don’t really want to do. Another is that I haven’t done anything towards planning the wedding and all the best places book up over a year in advance. And June is such a popular wedding month.

Plus I just like October. I always have. I love fall, even though winter comes after it (I despise winter). It’s also near our anniversary, which is October 6. Unfortunately October 6 is like a Thursday or some other weekday so that wouldn’t work as well. I also just like 10-15-05 even though I’m a fan of even numbers and that has two odd ones.

Now I just need to decide on a place and everything else that goes along with it. Yikes.

  • I actually didn’t know you had been planning on marrying in June! October will be a cool wedding time, and I think it suits you better because you love the fall and Halloween.

  • October is a cool month too. I was thinking of having a fall wedding because I love the colors when the trees turn, and also our dating anniversary is in September, but we decided to go for the cool looking date because we’re nerds. I can’t wait to read/see your wedding plans :)

  • i think october is a great idea. like Aubrey said, it’s very appropriate since you love halloween and fall.

    oooh! i’m so excited! i’m determined to be at your wedding (that is, as long as i’m invited!)

  • October is a great month… especially since my birthday is on Octoer 5th… a day before your anniversary! :)

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