wasted week

I haven’t had such a wasted week in a long time. Last week, I was all excited for this week (my first of a two week break from classes). I was planning on doing a lot of cross-stitching while watching movies, doing a ton of website work, and whatever else I wanted. Cross-stitch while watching movies that was accomplished: a hour’s worth of stitching on the dragon while watching an hour of The Return of the King last night. I wasn’t in the mood to either stitch or watch a movie at all this week. Web-site work that was accomplished: none. Things that were accomplished? Working up the Smuggler and Creature Handler’s trees in SWG. And I didn’t even do all that much work on it while Joe was at work. I guess I spent most of my time reading SWG boards and websites.

Strange as it may seem, it just kind of hit me today that I’m playing SWG. This might seem like a weird thought to you. It is however the first game of it’s type that I’ve played. It also wasn’t much of an extreme decision to play. It had been out for awhile and I knew about it but never had much interest in games like that. Then Joe bought it a few months ago or so and started playing it a lot. He said I should get a trial so I did. I played it one night for a little bit with him, but since I didn’t actually *do* anything that time I didn’t have much desire to play again. Then my trial ran out and I sort of wished I could play. Joe bought me the game as a surprise and we started playing together every night. And then I got caught up in working up the skill trees and now I’m addicted. The only thing I’m still hesitant about is interacting with the other players. Joe and I have played in groups with his friends from work and friends of theirs but I never say a lot. Or anything really. This is not completely from my shyness, although mostly. I often lean back in my chair when I play (my mouse is on the side edge of my corner computer desk) and I’d have sit up to type and usually don’t feel like it. This shyness online is a fairly new thing….years ago I had no problem talking to random strangers on IRC or AOL chatrooms before that. I think it would probably be good for me to join a guild, but I have no idea what one. I need to decide if I want to rebel, neutral, or imperial before I decide that, because that could affect which guild I pick. Right now I’m neutral. I will probably chose rebel if anything, but don’t know if I want a rebel guild, or a neutral guild, or an it doesn’t matter guild. Too many choices! I kind of want to join the GHOST guild because then I’d have after my name, but they’re an imperial guild.

  • if you guys ever do start on Scylla, you can join the guild Aubrey, Mike, and I are in – MAFIA :) now that is a cool thing to have after your name, hehe. we’re mainly rebels, but a lot of us are neutral – we have a lot of artisans and so forth.

    I played Ultima Online for a year or so before, but it was nothing like SWG – SWG is a lot more involved and nicer to look at.

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