I had my dentist appointment today. Was very apprehensive, as I was afraid I would need another root canal like I did when I lost a filling last December. But it turned out to be a normal lost filling with almost no decay. So he just drilled a little and then refilled it. Cost $134, which isn’t cheap but is much better than $1200 (root canal and crown).

In SWG news, I am now Smuggler 0/4/3/4 and Creature Handler 1/1/1/1. I have enough AP to get Master Smuggler once I finish the skill tree. Joe and I have also decided on a guild: the Strength and Honour guild (SandH). Just need to be online when a guild leader person is on. More on that probably after we join.

In class news, I was able to log-in to my new class today. It officially starts Sunday though. It seems much better than last class. For the first assignment we have to make two templates in Photoshop (no code or slicing…just the graphics). It’s for a travel agency site. The only problem is the graphics. We can’t use any copyrighted images (which makes sense) but I have no idea what image to use. If it were a real company, we could purchase the rights to an image. And it’s not as if I have a personal collection of photos I took of exotic locations.

The next assignment is to slice one template and import it into Dreamweaver and add the navigational code.

The third assignment is to add text and format it using CSS. Easy for me, but not easy for someone who doesn’t already know CSS. Nothing in our book covers CSS either so they basically have to pick it up on their own, very quickly.

The fourth assignment involves creating a template for a newsletter for the site in Dreamweaver.

The fifth assignment is a small group assignment as always. We’re supposed to critique another group member’s website (and have ours critiqued). Not looking extremely forward to that.

The Discussion Board topics for each unit are better than the previous one. These actually are revelent to the course and can be informative. One is to search for sites that specific examples of navigation and say which works best. Another is to research two graphic programs and discuss the positive and negative aspects of creating web graphics with them.

I’m thinking I’ll enjoy this class. I’m also thinking it won’t be particularly challenging itself, but that I will be personally challenged to create the best work possible, just like in Illustration.

  • that seems kind of strange, to expect everyone to use CSS when it hasn’t been in the book at all. at least you have a head start on that! and a big one too :)

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