More Star Wars Galaxies talk.

Last night Joe and I were up till almost 7 am doing The Warren themepark on Dantooine. This was only semi-planned. We planned on doing that after he got off work yesterday with two of his friends from there. I figured we’d be done in time for our usual bedtime of 4:30/5 am. Joe and I were ready to go by 3 am. But by the time his friends got home, got online, got body and mind buffed, and were ready it was 4 am. We went anyway. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Joe did die once and had to be cloned because he took on too many guys with stun batons by himself, but otherwise it was fine. The only bad thing was that my buffs ran out before we completed it so I was very paranoid about getting hit. And also the fact that we were trying to find out way out around 6:30 and were worried about getting caught in there during the server reboot at 7. I also didn’t appreciate it that it was almost completely light out by the time we went to bed. I ended up not being able to fall asleep till after 8 for some reason and then slept until 5. I was disturbed when I had the thought upon waking that most people work from 8-5…and that I had just slept from 8-5.

We got two badges out of it at least.

Reading the Professions forums on the SWG boards can be a little depressing. Pretty much every profession has a thread of “things that have to be fixed”. And you know, the devs don’t fix anything. Something on the Smuggler board particularly annoyed me. As of now you can autopull slicing tools from crates. So on the test center for publish 10 for no reason they took away the ability to autopull any smuggler tool from crates. They said later that it was some change in code elsewhere that caused it to happen and that they’d fix it…but who knows if they will? That will be a huge pain if they don’t change it. You need three things to slice a weapon or armor: a laser precision knife with at least 2 charges, a molecular clamp, and an upgrade kit. Plus the item. If you’re doing a suit of armor, it would be very easy to run out of room in your inventory if you try to pull it all out ahead of time. Plus a lot of people slice in bulk for weapon or armorsmith. It just adds useless time wasted. It wasn’t broken so why do that instead of fix something that was broken? Like our skill tree documentation.

It’s just so frustrating that so many professions have so many problems.