Time for more SWG screenshots (inspired by Krissy)

Joe and I. I visited an image designer this past weekend and got a new hairstyle

I got stuck in a rock while on my speederbike swoop. I got off the swoop and could only get back on after I stored it.

  • eee, I love seeing screenshots. :)

    I have a couple funny ones kind of like your speeder in the rock. one is where I look like I’m wearing my medical droid, and the other is where one of my pets is sitting on top of me.

  • oh, and I really like your new hairstyle!

  • I like your new hairstyle too! I love having the Image Designer skills i have so I can change my look fairly often.

  • You’ve all convinced me to buy SWG. Copy on it’s way to me from Amazon. Am I able to join you on US servers or do I need to play on UK servers as my subscription will be UK ?

    Would be great to catch up with yourself and Joe ingame if I can.

    By the way, hope the interview went well.

  • I’m glad to hear you’re going to play :) It’s soo addicting! You can play on any of the servers (and can also have several characters…one per server). We play on the Wanderhome server. My name in the game is Raea and Joe’s is Cohist.

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