I am not happy. The past few days my one tooth has been sore and I discovered why today: I lost another filling. It’s the tooth right in front of the tooth I lost a filling from last December (the back bottom right tooth). I had to have a root canal and crown done on that tooth. The filling had come out because the tooth had rotted inside. I really hope that’s not why this one fell out. One, I just can’t afford it. It cost $1200 for the canal and crown and I haven’t paid that off of my credit card much at all yet. Another is that the root canal was the worst experience of my life. Not because of the dentist or anything, she was very considerate. It was mostly my TMJ. My jaw was sore and out of sorts for over a week afterwards. During the procedure, my jaw hurt so bad and eventually kind of locked up and became painfully numb. Also, I just hate the dentist. I hate people doing things to my teeth. I don’t know what to do if I have to have another one. I just can’t afford it, on top of the other close to $1000 in medical bills I’m accumulating. And I don’t want another one.

  • I hope it will be okay. *wince* I hate tooth problems; I have big issues with people poking around in my mouth, probably due to my first orthodontist, who made me hurt on a regular basis.

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