star wars galaxies

I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxies with Joe a lot lately. He very nicely bought me the game the other week, surprising me with it (I had wanted it, of course). Right now we’re playing mainly on the Wanderhome server. He’s a Master Doctor. I’m still trying to decide what I want to be. I might dabble in Creature Handling a little. I’d like to be a Bounty Hunter or a Commando, but you need so much combat experience. Maybe I’ll start with Pistoleer. I’m already over a fourth of the way there. Right now I’m working on getting Master Markman. I’m 2/4/3/3 right now. Working on getting Carbine 4. I’m 3/4 of the way to that and 3/4 of the way to Ranged Support 4. I got a really good carbine from a friend of Joe’s friend the other night. I have no apprentice points though…I hope they don’t take too long to get.

I’m anxious for Joe to get home so we can play. I tried playing a little by myself earlier today, but I can’t take on as big of things on my own. I also felt kinda nervous playing by myself :) Still not completly used to the game.

And now for some screenshots:

(click each for full-size versions)

A floating young Malkloc that I just killed

Joe fighting Malklocs and me fighting an Ancient Reptilian Flier

A pretty sky and Joe, myself, and his friend Alan from work

  • I’ll have to send you tells across servers at least; I really wish you guys played on Scylla!

  • That, and I’ve never really gotten into the ranged weapons. I worked up Pikeman and I’m thinking of doing TKA, but I don’t know. I’ve been lazy in-game recently, as I can’t decide what I want to do. It takes too much time for me to run around, get butffed, hop planets, find a solo group on Dant, and hunt to my heart’s content. Eh, I’ll get over it.

  • you can send tells across servers?! how?

    Mike’s just starting TKA too :) I’m picking up rifles and my creatures are getting badass.

  • speaking of, I miss you! haven’t seen you in game for a while :( I have to show you my new pet; it’s a panther that SS gave me, and I named it Puddles. he’s really mean 😀

  • I’m always on much earlier than you; I’m in bed by 10:30pm Indiana time (9:30 your time) so I never see you either! I’ll be on tonight to hit some POIs if you want to go!

  • I’ll try to get on earlier tonight then, and I’m up for POIs!

  • I had no idea there were cross-server tells!

  • I haven’t had to go through that yet…since Joe is a master doctor he can buff me and I usually hunt with him and sometimes a few other people. If I didn’t have that, I doubt I’d be as into the ranged weapons. I think that when I do start playing on Scylla, I’m going to work on artisan careers.

  • I was surprised at how badass the pet creatures can be. Last night we were playing with Alan (novice creature handler) and his…small green dinosaur looking thing took down a malkloc twice it’s size.

  • I bet it was a dewback. the very first thing I tamed was a lesser dewback, and while he’s not insanely huge or anything, he’s pretty tough. he’s about half-grown and can take down bigger things every day. I loooove my Dewy :)

    I also have a sludge panther that someone gave me – and he is MEAN. Puddles (Mike named him) comes with us on big hunting trips.

  • I’m going to try sending you a cross-server tell when I’m on later – Aubrey thinks it’s something like /tell servername.person, so I’ll see if that works! your name is Raea, right? (from screenshot)

    btw, our guild offered to help you and Joe start out if you guys start playing on Scylla – it’s really friendly and helps all its members out a lot. so if you want to start new chars and want some help money-wise or anything, let us know 😀

  • It was a Kwi actually :)
    Cind and I were on a hunting trip with Alan earlier in the week (along with another dude) and they both tamed baby minor sludge panthers. Worth a lot because non-ch’s can use them :)

  • oh, neat :) I don’t think I’ve seen kwis yet – but I’m usually on Tatooine, so that might be why! I want to get to naboo and tame some other things. I love my sludge panther 😀

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