Ever since I got through Slicing IV and put Slicer up as my title (SWG talk again), I’ve been getting a lot more interaction with other people. Yesterday one guy asked me to train him and another asked me to slice 5 weapons. Today someone asked me to slice a weapon. Right now I’m Smuggler 0/4/2/4 and Creature Handler 0/1/0/1 (man…CH takes forever). And probably only two people who read this are interested in that…Krissy and Aubrey.

Apparently, the dentist called my parents Friday and were supposed to call me here. Either they didn’t, or they did and left a message and we can’t check out messages at the moment even though people can still leave them. They wanted to change my appointment to next Friday if that was okay with me, because the dentist would be out, but that they could work something out probably. So I have no idea if I have an appointment tomorrow or not. Sucks.

And no jobs in the paper that I qualify for.

  • I’m glad you’re liking smuggler! I’m doing Image Designer and it’s going to take such a long time too…

  • I hit Master Medic last night – wheee! I’m ch 1211 right now and about to hit another box… it does take forever. someone gave me a greater sludge panther and I got some mountain dewbacks and bull banthas, so next time we hit the tusken fort or whatever, I am so ready. :)

    contrats on getting slicer!!

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