publish 10

So Publish 10 came out today in SWG. This is the addition of the new Jedi quests. And the new force status command to see if you’re “glowy”. Joe and I both have “You feel a surge in the force”. There’s another step in between that and glowy. We both need three more content badges.

Remember how I posted the other day about the auto-pull slicing tools from crates bug? They had said they would fix it before the publish was live. Guess what? They didn’t. Apparently they also re-broke bounty hunter droids. And not to mention the server lags. No one has been able to log into my server for the past three+ hours. They’re supposed to be doing a reboot right now. There were out of control spawns at several locations. Many people died because of this and you know, when you die and you’re not insured your things decay.

It’s just all so annoying. Aren’t you supposed to play games for fun and relaxation? Not to become annoyed?

Not that the game is usually annoying. I usually love it. It’s just frustrating that they overlook “unimportant” things and only seem to care about things like Jedis sometime. Not that there aren’t plenty of complaints about the new Jedi revamp…

  • My character can ‘barely notice a difference’, force-wise. How annoying! I’ve mastered 7 professions and have a few of the POI badges. Yuck.

  • Wow, I didn’t know you had mastered 7 professions :) To me, that’s a lot.
    Here’s a site with a list of the badges you need:

  • man i did the warren one for 10 hrs tuesday. got the badge for the lady but the rest was like a needle in a haystack…getting lost and people all over the place…that place…I HATE IT…the scilla server was totally full of people…and then all the sudden we were transported from the corpse of the inquisitor to the outside entrance waht a jip..i hate that place … PLZ EMAIL ME THE WALKTHROUGH FOR THE WHOLE THING I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT THNKZ

  • I’ve actually mastered 8! I’ve just found that I need some of those themepark badges, and of course I just dropped all of my combat. Argh! Maybe I’ll pick up novice brawler again so I can not get totally creamed.

  • I’ve also gotten all those Jedi POIs and all of the difficult POIs except for the one on Dath (which I’ll go get today after I get off work). Those content badges really make you glowy…

  • yeah Scylla has been insane lately. I was having problems last night with my pets warping everywhere, and then I had like 10 bikes out at once for some reason, and there was an out of control spawn of desert demons near mos eisley. crazy!!

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