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I didn’t get the job. They called this morning.

They said that the other person (that they hired) and I were pretty much equal and it was basically a toss of the coin. Frankly, I think that’s worse than if the person had been more qualified than me. Obviously then there was *some* reason they chose the other person over me. I personally think it was because I was young and a student (granted, I don’t know if the other person is not young or a student but I’m guessing). They probably figure that I don’t *need* this job as much since I probably don’t have as many bills to pay. Hah. I’m probably more in debt than whoever they hired.

He also said that at the end of September, beginning of October, they might make the position into two. They hired the person they did to work 20 hours a week (even though they said at the interview that the position was going to go to full-time eventually). And he said on the phone that 20 hours a week probably wasn’t going to be enough. He said that he’d call me then and see what I was doing and if I wanted it. Then he said something about how I’m probably just looking for something small while I’m still in school and I was just like, well, sort of. Hence the reasoning of why I think being a student was held against me. It’s not like I was planning on leaving there right when I graduated, especially if it was full-time. I also think it was kind of silly to hire that person for just 20 hours a week and then hire someone else for another 20 when I was perfectly willing to work there 40 hours. After all, it’s better to have one person do all the work rather than divide it. He also said they wanted to wait to hire the other person so they don’t have to train two people at once.

I’m obviously not going to wait around for that job though. If I haven’t found a job by then ( hope that doesn’t happen…I can’t afford to be out of work for that long) then maybe. But, I’m not that eager for it. I’m sure I’ll feel a little resentful of the person who did get that job. Plus the fact that I was second choice for no real reason other than I was just second choice.

I’m really dissapointed, of course. And bitter. And frustrated. And not very anxious to go through that whole process again looking for other jobs. I did look through the job websites today. Didn’t really see much. Either the position is something I wouldn’t want to do (telemarketing, childcare) or something I wasn’t qualified for (or both). Even the office jobs were all for secretaries or admin. assistants with several years experience. I did see a job for a marketing assistant on that I’m qualified for, but it’s full-time and in Harrisburg. Not sure if I’m going to apply or not. I also emailed a local small bookstore to see if they were hiring (kinda doubt it). I do not want to work retail unless it happens to be in a small, independantly owned store. There was a job at a kennel though. Too bad that would probably include the yuckier part of working in a kennel.

  • I’m so sorry :( it’s horrible.. the long slow wait, full of agonizing over whether or not you got the job and if you should have said something else at the interview, and then the phone call that says “no.” I hate job hunting.

    Petsmart is looking good to me right now. once school starts there should be more jobs opening up… not that I’m excited about working retail, heh.

  • Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t get it! A kennel probably wouldn’t be bad for now; at least, until you can find another suitable job.

  • *hugs* i’m so sorry….

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