I’m in a cross-stitching mood again finally, thanks to Mythical Dragon (progress pic coming tonight or tomorrow). This means I spend a lot of time watching things on TV. I spend a lot of my time watching The-N, such shows as Degrassi, Sabrina, and Clueless (and Full House, on different channels). I’ve pretty much seen all the episodes of all the shows (I used to watch Sabrina, Clueless, and Full House each week when they were on) so that can sometimes get boring. Our OnDemand hasn’t been working for the past two weeks (need to call to reschedule appt) and usually the movies on TV suck.

This past week I borrowed Under a Tuscan Sun (which I really liked) and Fifty First Dates (didn’t like quite as much) from my parents, who had rented them. Tonight I got two movies from Blockbuster (using free coupons Joe got from someone at work) and borrowed three movies from my brother’s family. They are: Star Wars Episodes I and II, 10 Ways to Lose a Guy, LotR: The Return of the King, and Underworld. I’ve seen them all except Underworld. Joe and I are also going to be watching Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI sometime soon.

My last assignments for Advanced Graphic Design are due tomorrow and I haven’t started them. The one is a discussion board thing as usual and the other is a critique and evaluation of a design. I think that’s a really sucky final project. That should have been the DB topic or something. We had to do the same thing as a final project in Theory and History of Visual Communication. I just really think we should have had another actual project. We need things to put in our portfolio and potential employers aren’t really going to care about a critique. I’ll just do them quick tomorrow. I have an 89 in that class. I don’t know if it’s going to end up an A or not.