more job stuff

I was woken up by a phone call this morning from the guy from the plumbing company. I was a little surprised since he said they wouldn’t make a decision till next week.

Which they haven’t. He just wanted to ask some questions. Like what was the minimum and max number of hours I could work (15 and 40). What days and times I could (any). Wanted to be sure that I had said I was comfortable with Publisher since some of the people interviewed said they preferred InDesign and weren’t that comfortable with Publisher (said that I was but was comfortable with InDesign as well). I prefer InDesign too, but I wasn’t going to tell them they should change at the interview. They were doing fine using Publisher, InDesign costs about $700 more than Publisher, and the job description *said* Publisher. He said they planned on using Publisher for awhile at least. Then he said something about trying to figure out hours and how to make it worth my while to come in for work (or something like that…I had just woken up). What I took it to mean was they were trying to figure out how many hours to schedule and when (you know, three 8 hour days, or five 5 hours day or whatever). Then he said he’d call early next week.

I realized later that even if they do only give me 15 hours a week to start, I’d make as much as if I worked 25 hours a week at my old job. Heh. Retail just sucks.

Last night Joe and I were actually social. We hadn’t been out with non-family members since Aubrey visited last fall. We went out to eat with three of his friends from work. It was pretty cool. I had eggs benedict. I didn’t say much, which was usual. The usual new people nervousness plus it was 3:30 am. We might be going out with them again Monday night. Monday has the potential to be either a kick-ass day or a totally sucky day, assuming they call Monday. If I get the job, then my parents are taking Joe and I out to eat in the afternoon to celebrate. Then we’d be going out at night with his friends (it’s the one guys birthday). If I don’t get the job, then no afternoon dinner and I’d probably be in a bummed mood at night.

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