I am completly physically and mentally miserable. I called the dentist and they didn’t have anything availible till September, about two weeks away. So they said they’d call me when he was available (I guess if they have a cancellation or something). Don’t they have emergency appointments anymore? Last December I got in on the same morning I called. My tooth aches on and off, there’s a sharp pain in it whenever I eat or drink anything and the food brushes it. My hip hurts worse than ever today: yesterday they really increased my strengthening exercises (they extended physical therapy by several weeks because I just wasn’t better). I have a headache, as usual lately. I’m tired. I didn’t fall asleep till after 6 am. We went to bed about 5 (I wanted to go to bed at 4 but Joe wanted to play his game more and it’s pointless to go to bed a half hour before him because he just wakes me up when he goes to bed, if I happened to fall asleep by then). Then Akasha got in bed with us and was being annoying. Plus I kept thinking about SWG, which eventually once again turned into dreams about it. Akasha kept getting on the bed off and on all night, playing with our feet or walking over us. Then the cable guy came at 2 to fix our On Demand and I got up then. And there’s my depression and frustration about a job, of course, on top of everything. Plus with these new birth control pills, my face is breaking out worse than the last pills (the only time I ever break out is on bc pills…my face was clear pretty much as a teenager). That’s just an added annoyance on top of everything. Oh, and I forgot to mention the bacterial infection on my eyelid that makes my eyelid red, puffy, dry, scaly, and occassionally itchy and that I haven’t been able to go to the doctor for because it’ll cost me $80 plus any prescription. You might wonder then why I’m going to the dentist and how I can afford that…well, I can’t afford it but I’m in pain with it (the eye is just annoying) and need to get it fixed.

EDIT: the dentist just called and they’ll see me Monday at 3:30. That’s a relief at least.

  • I had a filling fall out on me in February or March, and I STILL haven’t gotten it fixed. I think I’m going to need a crown on it now, yuck. But yeah, it’s pretty painful when I eat something overly salty and some of it gets into the open filling, so I’m glad that they’ll be seeing you soon! I’m afraid to go to a dentist here because my teeth are in terrible shape.

  • *biggest hugs ever* I hope it gets better soon hon :( at least you got into the dentist – that’s a good start!

  • I’d wait, but in just the two days since it fell out, it seems like everything falls into the open part and everything makes it hurt. *sigh*. The other one that fell out last December I didn’t realize what had happened till several weeks later and by then it had become really painful. So I don’t want to wait till that happens with this one.

  • *hugs* i’m so sorry dear. :(

  • Aww, that all sucks so much!! How horrible to have everything hit you at once. Hope things are looking up soon!

  • =(

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