Just an update since I haven’t updated since Saturday (not too long ago, that would not have been unusual). I haven’t commented on LJ or sites the past few days either. Joe’s been off work the past three days (two he was scheduled for, one he called of sick) so I’ve been hanging out with him and playing Star Wars Galaxies. Last night we played mini golf, which was fun.

I haven’t done anything much towards finding a job. I check web site listings every so often but nothing still. Well, actually, I did take one step towards finding a job on Saturday. I bought a domain for my porfolio: Now I need to make the site. I don’t know how much it will help me find a job, but at least I’ll have a place I can refer them to so they can see my work (assuming any graphic design positions even come up).

Amazingly, I got an A in Advanced Graphic Design. Barely. I had an 89.5. Pretty much the entire course my grade has been hovering round an 89. He gave me full points on my critique, which pushed it into the .5 realm. I’m very happy. I have my 4.0 still.

I’m anxious to see what books and software we’re using for web design. The obvious choice would be Dreamweaver, but I’m kind of worried they’ll make us use Abobe GoLive, since it’s part of the Creative Suite that we already have. That wouldn’t be good though because pretty much all web design jobs require Dreamweaver knowledge.

I’m glad we have two weeks off though. I needed a break.

  • GoLive is actually pretty nice software. I had just started training on that before we quit our tech support jobs. :)

  • I haven’t used it yet. I probably would like it, since I like Adobe products. The only reason I don’t want to learn it in web design is that I *need* to learn Dreamweaver to get possible web design jobs (since they all want that skill) and can’t really afford to buy it now, which is why I need them to provide it. I don’t really want to learn Dreamweaver, as I prefer coding by hand still, but hey, if it’ll help get me a job…

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