joes job

Joe’s job sucks. They’ve had mandatory overtime since June, an hour each day. He’s been working later shifts than usual because the other people there discovered that if they request later shifts, then they’ll get their preferred days off. Awhile ago he’d work starting at 1. Now he usually doesn’t work any earlier than 3 which means he gets off work at 1. Saturdays though he usually works starting sometime between 10 am and 12 noon. Which means Fridays he pretty much has to come home from work and go right to bed. Today they called for an hour of extra overtime because two call centers in Florida are closed because of the hurricane. Plus they froze time-off requests. No one can request any time off right now. It just really sucks. I hardly ever get to see him, except for his days off. They need to hire more people, but they don’t want to. They’d rather overwork the people they have now.