I’ve been kind of ehh…whatever on the job front. I’ve looked through job sites and decided to submit my resume to one employment/temp agency that has a lot of technical jobs (although none at the moment that I’m interested in and/or qualified for. Still gotta look up local camera shops and design firms. I need to revamp my resume as well. I’m not sure quite how to do it for the agency…it’s possible to get a web design, graphic design, or data entry/office job though them so my resume needs to cover all of that.

I’m not anxious yet about a job. I do have a ton of medical bills and Spencer needs to go to the vet, but my parents are going to cover the medical bills till I get a job and I guess either Joe will pay for the vet or I’ll put it on my credit card. I got my last paycheck from there today and it was around $100. I have enough to cover my bills for the rest of the month. Not for next month though. I’m just so glad my parents paid my car off.

I’m being pretty picky about a job at the moment. There was an office job from 8 am – noon M-F for around here, but I’m not applying. I am just not a morning person. I know there are other office jobs that want people in the afternoons and sometimes evenings. And I want to check into getting a graphic or web job first. I really don’t know if I’ll get one of those at this point in time, but I want to at least look.

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