I feel frustrated because I don’t want to do anything. Actually, I want to do things, I just don’t have the motivation. Working on anything that involves thinking (such as websites or job hunting or resume updating) is out of the question because of a headache I’ve had all evening. So I’ve been wasting time all night, playing SWG or browsing websites. I like doing both activities, but I don’t like doing them when I don’t really feel like doing that. I really hope I break out of this funk soon. I don’t feel like cross-stitching or anything lately either.

In Star Wars Galaxies I’m working towards Master Smuggler. So far I’m 0/3/1/2. I think slicing is fun and that it’s really cool you can slice mission terminals for higher payouts. I’m going about it the grinding way (rather than the spamming way, I suppose). I buy crates of pistols and slice them. But I’m out of money and need to go fight some missions tonight with Joe so I can buy more supplies. After I slice the terminal of course. Spices is also kind of tedious to level up. Spices are pretty useless compared to doctor buffs and so on and the only kind people actually use are the kind you can make after level IV. So basically it’s just making over 400 pointless spices to get the spices tree.

I’m also working on Master Creature Handler, although right now it’s kind of a side job. I’ll probably concentrate more on it after I get Master Smuggler (or get tired of working towards it). I did tame my first baby today, a lesser dewback. I’ll probably use my remaining skill points on the Pistoleer tree.

And some more screenshots:

Me, in my usual non-combat attire

Joe and I fighting an enraged Rancor

I just thought this was a cool picture. It was taken in the cave leading to the Tusken Fort on Tatooine. That’s me in my comp armor.

  • Yay for geeky SWG pics! I have another screen shot I’ll be posting in a little bit; I’ve been spending a lot more time in-game recently than I have in a long time.

  • I love screenshots 😀 I better get some to post now too! I wish I’d taken one the other day… a stormtrooper chased me from bestine to near helios and followed me into the cantina. he checked me, said I was clean (hello sliced rifle), and then hung out in the cantina for a while. totally weird.

  • I always want to kick the ST’s ass when they scan me, but most of the time I’m not buffed enough to do it! I’m really going to miss my combat profs when i give them up…

  • I hear people talking about kicking their asses but I haven’t seen it yet! can you actually take them out?

  • Yes! :) Joe took a bunch out the other day (they wanted to search him but he wasn’t paying attention so he didn’t stop).

  • I read somewhere that smuggler’s can evade searches, but it’s not documented in the skill tree because they didn’t bother finishing the text for it.

  • Go me for taking out half the Imperial Garrison in Mos Entha!

  • /cheer Joe


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