Will the bad things ever end?

On the way to my parents tonight I noticed that my battery light was on in my car. Dad checked it out and thinks it might be the alternator or something. So they’re taking it tomorrow to get checked out and I have Dad’s truck for now. They’ll pay for it, but I’ll have to pay them back.

It seems like I have less free time now than when I worked. It probably just seems that way because of my sleeping habbits (5 am till 2-3 pm). I have physical therapy 3 times a week around 3 pm and go to my parents most days for dinner. So that pretty much leaves me with 2-3 hours of sunlight free, which isn’t much for someone that’s unemployed. I think the lack of sunlight is making me more depressed. The answer would be to go to bed sooner but Joe works till 1-2 am most days so if I want to see him (AKA play SWG with him) I have to stay up late. Sprint is changing the hours they’re open from 2 am till 11 pm but he’s going to be work 1-11:30. It’s better than before, but still not conductive to going to bed before 2 am.

Found an ad in the paper today, administrative assistant with graphic design knowledge preferred. Figure I’ll apply for it.

Only good thing about today is that in 15 minutes Bring It On and Bring It On Again are on. I really like those movies, especially the first one. I might be able to finish my root beer float cross-stitch while watching them (yeah, I switched from the dragon to that).

Tonight then I’ll change my resume again and print it out tomorrow and mail it off.

  • *hugs* i hate when i get into poor sleeping habits. i do it far too often.

    that sucks about your car. it sounds like the alternator. blah.

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