One of the things I hate most about being unemployed is other people (local only of course) attempting to recommend jobs to me. Namely, my mom. She has to point out or mention any help wanted sign she sees. Now, I appreciate people mentioning if so-and-so’s looking for a graphic designer or something like that. I do not appreciate being told of jobs that are not at all the type of job I’m looking for. “Look, they’re hiring someone to scrape gum off sidewalks! You should apply!”. Not only is it annoying, it’s occasionally demeaning. And it gets to be repetitive. “No, for the 5 millionth time I do not want to be a bank teller”. And then when I mention to mom that that’s not the type of job I’m looking for, she says something like “you can’t afford to be choosy. you need money to pay your bills”. Yeah, I do need money but I don’t want to work at a job that would make me so miserable I’d be tempted to run in front of a truck. I want to note that this does not only happen when I’m unemployed. It happens when I’m happily employed as well. “Look this restaurant is hiring!” “Mom, I already have a job”. It just really really annoys me. I want a good job so I don’t have to constantly hear that from her. And being unemployed with no prospects at the moment, I know it’s going to be worse. I’m dreading going over there for dinner tonight because I know she’s just going to nag me about a job. Probably about going and applying to temp agencies. Which I don’t want to do yet. I’d rather not go through one if I can avoid it. I’m gonna maybe look through the phone book, check out websites of camera shops (remember the post about perfect job at a camera shop in NJ?) and graphic design/web design companies. Maybe send some emails. There’s also a big multimedia firm in Harrisburg that does internships. Maybe apply for one of those or something.

Today though, I feel too depressed to do much of anything. I know I owe some people emails but it could be awhile before I reply. Feel free to send me emails though. I’ll probably email you back if it’s about something none-life related (SWG, books, movies, crafts).

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