work again

I bet you’re all tired of hearing me complain about work. Hopefully soon I won’t have to anymore.

While I was at work today I overheard Megan say to Sharon that she was leaving tomorrow to go somewhere and wouldn’t be able to work. Sharon told her that she should have asked someone to work it for her then and that she’d better find someone who could work it for her. Which she should have done, since she knew ahead of time that she was schedule for that day. That schedule’s been up there for two weeks. Megan didn’t call anyone when I was there and didn’t ask me if I could work for her.

She called just a bit ago and asked if I could work for her. I told her I couldn’t, that I already had plans. Which is true. I want to get a new outfit to wear for my interview, look at a bookstore for books on Publisher and look through them if they have any, drive out and find where this place is, play mini-golf with Joe if it’s nice out. Since it’s a Sunday, I’d be working during the only hours the mall is open so I couldn’t go shopping for the outfit. Plus, I’ve worked every Sunday except one (the fourth of July) since I started in the beginning of May. I just plain don’t want to work tomorrow. There’s no one besides me who could work (Alison is away) but it’s not the end of the world. There’s already one associate and one keyholder working plus Bobbi the manager is going to be there as well. That’s three people. We normally only have three people. I’ve worked Sundays where there was two of us. I might have said yes if there wasn’t going to be any associate there at all, but there is.

The employee meeting is tomorrow at 10:30 am. Too early, in my opinion. Still not looking forward to it. I bet Bobbie is going to do a bunch of bitching. Plus I feel funny going there when I said I already plans. Not that I couldn’t have plans for Sunday afternoon but not Sunday morning. But still.

If it’s not one thing there, it’s another.

  • yep, you do what you want – it’s not your fault she didn’t find someone, and you shouldn’t have to be responsible for her mistake. I hope you have a great weekend 😀

  • Good luck with your job interview! That really bites about your current job. You have every right to do what you want on your days off without having to worry about other people’s carelessness.

  • Just wanted to say good luck with your job interview! I hope it all goes well

  • I hope you had a good weekend too! And I can’t imagine 10:30 being early now; then again, I get up at 7 every day and I’m crazy :).

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