I’m tired and not feeling well today. I think it’s from allergies. My allergies have been worse since getting Akasha. I wish I could afford my Zyrtec again instead of taking that over-the-counter Claritin-D which really doesn’t do a whole lot. I think it really sucks that my insurance company adds $250 to my already $500 yearly prescription deductible because I have allergies. I think it also really sucks that I met the deductible last December. I had a whole month of cheaper prescriptions, and they didn’t even cover my allergy pills. What also sucks is the fact that I spent over $750 in prescriptions last year. That’s just ridiculous. That was for three medications: Zyrtec and Flonase for allergies (Flonase for about 6 months of that year), and my birth control pills. I told Joe we need to get married ASAP just so I can get on his insurance.

In work news: I’m really starting to plain hate working there. The job, the customers, the co-workers, the managers. Everything. Yesterday I worked with Jen and Allison, two of my favorite people to work with. Except they pretty much didn’t talk to me at all. They talked to each other though. Also, every so often I would just stand at the register for a little bit. We don’t get breaks so I don’t have a chance to sit down at all in the 5 and a half hours I work. My hip was killing me yesterday because it was rainy and there was no way I could walk around constantly for over 5 hours. Well, about four I look at the tablet that has our to-do list on it and Jen has added “be sure to be out there helping customers. absolutely no standing around!”. That really pissed me off. One because she wrote it instead of telling it to me and another because she knows I have problems with my hip and am often in pain while at work. I also felt sort of betrayed. Jen was the one I was closest to there at work. We spent several nights at work just talking to each other. She’s the one who was going to ask about that job at her work. And I was also annoyed because she had just spent the past half hour talking to her friend that stopped by and didn’t do any work during that time. Aside from my hip problem, I don’t like to pester the customers. I hate when clerks constantly ask me if I need help so why would I want to do it to someone else? If they need something, they’ll ask me.

It’s just so frustrating because no one there seems to care a damn about my hip problem. I also feel like they think I’m a bad worker or something. I do the best I can. If they tell me to do something, I do it. The only time I stand around resting is if there’s nothing specific to do. They also (except for Denise) don’t seem to care when I get screwed over by the schedule (scheduled for days I requested off or not enough hours). Our store meeting is next Sunday. I’m anxious to hear what all Denise has to say to the manager.

I just dread going into work lately. I dread seeing the new schedule each week. I especially dread being in pain.

My physical therapy evaluation is this Wednesday at 2 at least. Hopefully my hip will get better soon but I know that will only fix some of the problems at work. There were no jobs to apply for in the paper this past week. Still hoping the plumbing company will call about that position. The more time goes by, the less hopeful I am though.

  • my goodness! what kind of insurance do you have?! it sounds like it’s ripping you off. :-(

    I know how you feel about birth control being costly, since my insurance won’t cover it at all. When I was on the pill (before I got my IUD), I was using http://www.smartwomanRX.com . it was $13 a month for name brand pills. I used their services for almost a year and never had ANY problems with them.

  • and I also understand your frustration with your hip problem. I felt like people thought that I was trying to get out of doing extra work when I said that I couldn’t do certain things because of my shoulder. My hip also bothers me a lot, too… and I feel bad asking for a quick break just so that I can sit down until it stops hurting- but I don’t know what else I could do, since pain killers didn’t help it.

    don’t you just feel like nobody even tries to understand how it feels? they don’t understand how painful it can be when you have hip problems, because it affects everything you do and it hurts every time you take one simple little step. it’s awful. :-( I hate getting looks of doubt from people, just because I’m only 20 years old.. so how can I be hurting so badly? you know, I really wish that I could be like a normal 20 year old and not have my entire body hurt- but I’ve never experienced that.
    I sympathize with you. I know what it’s like to not have anyone understand. :-(

    things will get better for you. I hope that the phsyiscal therapy helps for you.

  • I just checked out that site. I wish they carried the pill I’m using now, Seasonale. I have no idea how expensive it will be for them…I’m assuming it will cost the same as about three months of pills since that’s what they about equal.
    It’s Fortis private insurance. I’m looking forward to next year when I get insurance through wherever I work (or by marrying Joe)

  • My hip problem is really messing up my entire lower body and my back. I can’t walk properly so it’s killing my knees and even my feet now. Plus my back has been hurting lately from walking oddly too. I really feel too young to be having problems with my hip, and as you said, I feel like people often don’t believe me. I went through a year of not being able to use my left arm because my left shoulder became basically frozen from the muscle tension in it…it was even damaging my nerves. They couldn’t find anything actually wrong with it, aside from the pain and muscle tightness. It cleared up as soon as I left that job that was “causing” it. It was repetition and sheer boredom of the job that caused it. I do not want to go through that again with my hip. Being unable to use my left leg is a little more critical than being unable to use my left arm. I’d be unable to walk at all.

    Thank you for your comments :)

  • it’s funny how stress at a job can contribute to physical problems. it’s been documented – it’s not something that you’re just making up. I’m sure that a part of my wrist problems and the allergy attacks I had at the temp job I last had were brought on by how much I hated that job. there was a physical cause for the problems, but the stress made it worse, you know?

  • *hugs* i’m so sorry. i feel for you with your hip and well…everything else. *hugs*

    crystal said on July 20, 2004 at 6:01 pm
  • I didn’t know that it was actually documented. That’s good to know.

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