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I spent most of this afternoon working on this site, mostly backend stuff like adding hacks and plug-ins. Most of it you probably won’t notice, except for the threaded comments and that comments close after 30 days. For some reason the read-more plug-in won’t work, even though I use it on other sites. It gives me some weird error. Getting threaded comments to work again was also a pain.

I probably should have been working on my assignments. I’m mostly finished with the first one and the second one is easy though. I got perfects on my two projects for last week but 28/30 for the discussion board. For this week assignments we have to create a web page mockup (mine is mostly finished) and then for the second assignment we have to optimize it for the web and write about how and why we did what we did.

The only complaint I have about this week’s assignment is that as a group we have to decide on the basic elements of the webpage and where they should go (banner here, navigation here). I started a topic last Wednesday on our group board and said I’d like to have a decision by Saturday. Well, as of today two people haven’t even responded. Two other people did and said they liked my suggestion and one suggested one of her own. According to the prof, we have until midnight tonight to make a decision. These things are due Saturday at midnight. That gives us two days to work on our assignment when we should have had a week. I don’t think that’s fair at all. I went ahead and started mine based on my suggestion because I’m just not going to have time tomorrow and Saturday. I work Saturday morning and afternoon and on Friday I work at night plus we go and get the cat. I’ll probably be spending a lot of time with both cats over the next few days helping them adjust and making sure the apartment isn’t destroyed. I just think it’s completely unfair of the prof. She should have set up the small groups earlier (it was last Wed that she did it) and made last Saturday the deadline. Not everyone works Monday – Friday. And I know the one guy complained in the critique chat about no one in his group responding as well until yesterday and that he works slow and needs more time than that to work.

  • I so hate group work :( it seems like there’s always one or two slackers in there that don’t care, ruining things for the people who actually *want* to do the assignments. *kicks them*

    the site looks good :) I love WP plugins!

    if you need, I can send you my threaded comments stuff – it took me a while to get the stupid thing to work with the new database stuff in wp 1.2 but I finally did it.

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