Doesn’t it seem like something or other always has to go wrong?

I had Ash out today and noticed that his tail is getting really bald and that the base of his tail is bald as well. I looked up some things online and I’m pretty sure he has adrenal disease. It’s very common in ferrets and they can cure it by removing the tumor from the adrenal gland. However, this can cost between $300-500 (or more if there’s complications). I have no choice but to put it on my credit card, which is already almost $4,000 (although Joe owes me about $700 for his car repairs). With them only giving me 15 hours a week lately, I’m barely making enough to cover my regular bills such as car insurance and slightly over my minimum credit card payment. My credit card interest is about $60 a month. I want to switch to a new credit card with a 0% balance transfer for a year, but I can’t because my “income is too low”.

I’m expecting an $81 bill from my family doctor (rate is $85 and my insurance paid a whole 4 dollars of it). I’m also probably getting one from my gynocologist and my orthopedic doctor, not to mention one for the two x-rays I had done. Spencer and Ash both need their annual check-up and shots which will be $75-100 each.

I’m also going to have to pay for physical therepy. I doubt my insurance will cover much of it because they just suck. I went to the orthopedic doctor today and he determined that I do have tendonitis in my left hip. He prescribed physical therepy. Three times a week for 30 days. What a pain. I want my hip to get better, but it’s such a bitch getting my work to give me off one requested day every few weeks, let alone a requested morning or afternoon off 12 times in one month. And if I just schedule it for the days I’m off, well, they’ve been known to change the schedule after it’s already been posted. Not to mention they wait till the last freaking minute to even make the schedule.

I guess it’s good I have a very high credit card limit. What’s not good is how in debt I’m becoming.

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