I’m going to bitch about something besides work: my advanced graphic design class.

I’m not doing very well in it. I have an 86%, which is B. I say that’s not doing well because I got A’s in my last two classes and I’m pretty far below the class average. The thing is, my work is not that bad! I don’t think the instructor is grading fairly. Also, during the two one hour live chats a week, his sound works properly for maybe 15 minutes of it and he talks for the whole time but we have no idea what he’s saying. I’ve heard from other classmates that he doesn’t really respond to emails either.

The thing is, the assignments have strict guidelines. For the business cards we were to use the logo, the two colors in the logo, and black. People posted their work on the boards and used gradients, shapes, and even other colors. The instructor said my cards were well-designed and that my postcard was very good. For points to consider for my cards he mentioned adding gradients or other effects to the cards to add interest. I happen to think gradients look tacky on business cards and the restrictions didn’t allow for other effects really. Someone mentioned this in the live chat yesterday. He asked the instructor if we had been supposed to do that, even though it would break the requirements. The instructor said that we could to add interest. Then the guy said “shouldn’t we follow the wants of the client?” and the instructor said yes, but you can also add interest to the design. but that you should do want the client wants”. The student said that he was capable of doing more creative work but that he didn’t because he was following the restrictions of the assignment. I sympathized with him completely. It’s not fair to tell us to follow the guidelines in the assignment but then except us to break them and grade us lower for not breaking them.

So the guy then asked if we were supposed to do that in our current assignment. Our assignment is to chose three photos out of several…one that represents casual, one that represents serenity and I forget the other. We have a list of specific things we’re supposed to do to the image such as make it grayscale, change it to 72ppi resolution, invert one color around a central object, etc… He wanted to know if we were just supposed to do that or were expected to do extra. I didn’t hear an answer because the sound went out, at least in the archived version. I don’t know if it did in the live version. So I don’t know the answer. I don’t understand how he could expect us to do more than that. It says right in the assignment “do the following”. Not “do the following and then whatever other creative thing you want to do to it”. I don’t think a client would appreciate you drawing little hearts all over the image that they only wanted coverted to all red.

  • That’s beyond not fair. I’m sure it can’t be allowed by academic standards. If the assignment says you have to do something a certain way, then it should have to be done that way. Does he have a suprior or head of the department you could talk to? You could try emailing the guy, and if he doesn’t reply, go to the superior and ask them, innocently, what you should do with the assignment, since he’s changing the guidlines. Or, if all else fails, kick him. 😉 That generally gets their attention.

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