new layout

So this is my new layout. What do you think? I made original flower for on the left in Illustrator, then made the line of them in Photoshop. The wavesoflife logo was also made in Illustrator. I just used the brush tool and my tablet and wrote it. I added the effects to the logo in Photoshop.

I’m not completely finished with working on the site. I might add some more wordpress plug-ins and update some of the other pages. I’m really not feeling well still so I haven’t done much of anything today or yesterday.

The vet appointment went okay. He gave Ash some steroid pills (which I really don’t think will do anything) and said that I should probably take him to a vet more experienced in ferrets. Akasha was okay, except for her soft stool which she’s had since we got her. He gave us some pills to give her for it (that should be fun…).

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