Well, got my schedule for the next two weeks. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday both weeks (same hours each week). For a total of 15.5 hours each week. My check this week for the two weeks I worked 15 hours was a whole $186. I’m rich now. The only good thing is that I’ll have plenty of time for physical therapy and for job hunting. Jen didn’t get to ask about that job since her boss was out this week. She said she’ll be able to ask next week. Still hoping to hear about that plumbing graphic design job. I’ve decided I am definately getting a different job though. The employment agency I had signed up with back in April called me twice recently to ask me about jobs, but both of them wanted someone to start immediately, like the next day. I want to be able to give my current job two weeks notice. Yeah, I don’t like the job or the managers but I like my fellow associates and they’d be the ones getting screwed over if I didn’t give notice.

I ended up with a 99% in Illustration, which was of course an A. I got full marks on my last two projects. Still haven’t done much for my first project for Advanced Graphic Design. I have off tomorrow though so I’m going to work on it then. The projects for this probably won’t take as long as the Illustration ones. I spent so much time on my Illustration ones because I loved doing it and I wanted them to be perfect. They were works of art. These are just business cards and advertisements. They can be works of art too, I suppose, but it’s not the same.

In cat news, we left them out by themselves last night. We had no choice, Akasha wouldn’t stop meowing when we put her in the computer room. Both cats were still alive and well in the morning. She doesn’t mind Spencer at all since she established her dominance by jumping on him and chasing him around the apartment the other day. Spencer’s terrified of her now though and now he’s the one that hisses whenever she comes near him, and then backs away from her.