We’ve been deciding whether or not to get another cat. It’s not really another cat in general, it’s a specific cat. One of the guys Joe works with and is friends with found a cat and took it to an animal shelter. He couldn’t keep it because he was allergic or something. The guy asked Joe if he’d be interested in it and that he’d pay the adoption fee. It’s a 7-month old black female. We went there Thursday to look at it but couldn’t because it had just been spayed and was in isolation for a week. We can go up next Friday or Saturday if we want to see her.

I’d really like another cat, but I’m worried about Spencer. While he’s been around other cats before, he hasn’t shared his living space with one. I lived with my parents for about a year after I got him. He lived with me in my bedroom but would go out to the other rooms where the two other cats where. He didn’t have to share food, litter, toys, or favorite sleeping places (although he did eat out of their food dishes and use their litter). Him and Poe would sometimes “play” together. They’d run at each other and bump chests (how male). Then for the next two years he was the only cat when I lived in an apartment. I moved back home for three years but he didn’t leave my room as much because Stanley the dog liked to torment him. Poe liked to come in my room and when he was there, Spencer would watch him constantly and get upset if Poe played with his toys. He wouldn’t play with them after Poe did. Now Spencer is back to being the only cat. He is has favorite places, like the living room chair. He spends a lot of his time sleeping either on the back or the cushion.

Besides being worried about Spencer being unhappy about another cat sharing his environment, I’m worried about losing some of the closeness Spencer and I have. He is such a mommy’s kitty. If he thinks it’s time for me to wake up, he’ll sit outside the bedroom door and every few minutes come into the room and either jump up on the bed and meow at me or meow at me from the floor. When I’m in the computer room he’ll often come in here and lay in his shoebox that he adopted about two years ago. Whenever I look at him he’ll often meow at me and I’ll meow back and we’ll have entire conversations. When I come home from work, he recognizes my car and looks out the window for me. Then he comes and waits for me either by or on the stairs. I’m worried that if there’s another cat, he won’t do those things anymore.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?

  • My roommate actually just got another cat after having her first one for about a year and a half, and it’s been an interesting experience so far. Denise’s first cat, Lennon, hates other cats with a passion, so Denise has been gradually introducing her and Ninja, the new kitten, so that they both don’t freak out. Today was the first day that Ninja and Lennon were around each other; they swatted at each other for a little bit and then we put them in seperate rooms again. I don’t think you’ll have much of an issue if you do get another cat, just as long as you do introduce them to each other gradually. Besides, Spencer may like the company of another feline!

  • when Mike’s cat, Abby, died a few years ago, his family adopted Buster the kitten. Isis, their other cat, was NOT PLEASED. they introduced them very slowly, keeping them in separate rooms for the first few days and allowing them to see each other for longer stretches. eventually they were allowed to roam the house. Isis hates everyone and did beat up on Buster, but Buster is now twice as big as she is, and she just chooses to ignore him.

    I’m no good with cats, heh. this is just what I’ve observed :)

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