Haven’t heard anything about the job yet so I imagine the interviews ran over into next week, as the guy said they might. They said they’d let me know either way. The waiting is still killing me.

Work today was very difficult. One was that I was in pain. My lower body hurt so bad. And there was the knowledge that I’d have to go through it all over again tomorrow night. Another is that no one there really seems to care about me anymore (except maybe Sue). They don’t even talk to me really. Tonight Jen and Alison stood up at the register talking for awhile tonight, off and on. Whenever I came near, they’d talk softer. Heh. And Jen who was the one who wrote that note the last Sunday I worked about “absolutely no standing at the registers!”. It just really pissed me off and hurt me also. Me, who’s injured, is not allowed to stand at the registers to give myself a break from walking, but they’re allowed to stand up there and just talk to each other? That’s fair. Also, I found out today that Denise the keyholder, pretty much the only other person there I liked still besides Sue, isn’t working there anymore. I don’t know why but I heard there was an “incident”. Whether it was between Denise and a customer or Denise and Bobbi the manager (I’m betting it’s the latter), I don’t know.

Also, they took the bench out of the breakroom and there’s now a shopping cart from Old Navy in there. So there is literally no place to sit down in the store except for the office, which we’re not allowed in. I clocked out and took a 10 minute break and had to sit on the floor wedged next to the shopping cart to eat my Pop-Tart.

That place is just so messed up it’s not even funny. I’m going to be so devastated if I don’t get that job because that means I’ll have to keep working in the store from Hell, exisiting on 10 hours a week and unable to pay my bills.