Thank you everyone for the good luck wishes.

I still feel all strung-out from nervous adrenaline. I really don’t like interviews.

I won’t know until the end of this week or the beginning of next week if I got the job or not.

They said there was 15-20 applicants and that they chose the best four or so to interview.

Before I left, the owner (two people interviewed me: the owner and the guy who called about the interview who is his son) said “you’re definately qualified for the job but we have to interview the other people out of courtesy”. That seems like a good sign to me.

They want someone part-time at first, possibly full-time later. The pay would be $10/hour. I’d be redoing the rest of their catalogue (the owner’s other son was their graphic designer before but he’s going to med school), doing monthly newsletters, faxes, forms, things like that. They mentioned the possiblity of doing cartoons on the back of postcards and such once they found out I could draw. The son mentioned that in the future they might be looking to develop Flash parts of their website. I mentioned that I’d be learning that in one of my courses (at least, I think I mentioned it). I showed them some samples of my work I printed out (mainly to show my drawing/artisitic ability…I don’t have many business related designs). They seemed to like them.

They were kind of unsure at first whether I’d be interested in the job, because it wasn’t very high-tech or interesting. But I said I definately was. The son asked if it was the sort of thing someone with a graphic design degree would do, or if it was something sort of below that (paraphrasing there). I said that there were many different things someone with that degree could do but that desktop publishing/print work like that is something that they might do. Or something like that.

Overall, I think it went very well. I was a very nervous and didn’t talk quite as coherently as I’d like sometimes, but I think what I said made sense and was understandable most of the time. There wasn’t anything in the job description I didn’t know how to do. As I said, they themselves said I was definately qualified. Plus my drawing ability was a plus. I told them I’d have to give my current job two weeks notice, but if they needed me sooner I could possibly work around my schedule there.

The interview lasted an hour. It didn’t seem like that long and I think a long interview is a good sign. I’m very anxious to find out whether I got the job. I just hope the other applicants weren’t as qualified as me.

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