I’m exhausted. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this tired after work. Of course, working so little now I’m not used to it anymore. Plus there’s the “new” thing about absolutely no standing around when working. This week they also added strengthening exercises to my physical therapy routine. Those are exhausting themselves. I’m supposed to do them three times a day. And there’s all the emotional stress and nervousness. That’s all taking it’s toll.

I really should work on my homework but I don’t think I can tonight. I’m tired and want to lay down. I started the back-stitching on the mummy cross-stitch last night so maybe I can finish that tonight. Watch some more of season 6 of Buffy.

In work news, they just hired someone else. Heh. They can’t give me enough hours but hire someone else. Yeah. I also noticed that the next two weeks Laura and Alison, who were hired after me, each work four days each week while I work two. What the hell is up with the manager? I so need out of that place.