We went today to visit the cat. She was really small and thin. We hadn’t expected her to be quite so small. Not that it’s a problem. Although, she’s really too thin. She looks younger than 7 months. She was very friendly and loved to be petted. She didn’t mind just sitting in our laps. She also explored the “bonding” room but didn’t play with any of the toys in there. She walked carefully and didn’t move very fast. We weren’t sure if that was because she was still recovering from her surgery.

We’ve decided to adopt her. We’ll be picking her up Friday. We went out and bought some kitty supplies. New food dishes and such. This is the first cat I’ve had that hasn’t been declawed in the front. My mom had insisted all our other cats be declawed. She doesn’t mind having her paws touched so it shouldn’t be a problem. Spencer tries to bite you if you touch his paws. Of course, if we had trimmed his claws from when he was a kitten I doubt it would be a problem.

We’re still deciding on a name. I’m also still worried about Spencer. I think he’ll adjust better to a small female than if we had gotten an older male cat. I hope so anyway. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Friday. She really is cute. She’s all black with bright yellow eyes.

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