cat mat

Last night at the pet store I bought a scratching mat for the new cat. It’s a fabric mat with catnip inside and a rough woven fabric on top. Turns out, it’s Spencer’s new favorite thing. He couldn’t wait for me to put it on the floor and when I did, he rolled all around on it, bit at it, kneaded his paws on it. He’s been laying on it a lot since then. He keeps bringing over his “toys” to play with on it. Last night he took the plastic wrapper from a sour cream container over to it and was licking that while laying on it. This morning I found one of his paintbrushes on it. He loves paintbrushes so I had given him two of my old ones.

In case you’re wondering, I normally don’t leave plastic wrappers laying around the apartment. But I had made dip one night and didn’t throw out the sour cream wrapper right away because I was busy eating the dip. Spencer got up on the counter and took the wrapper. I let him keep it. He loves to lick plastic.

  • cats just generally crack me up! they are so silly!! mine steals trash and stuff too. he also steals the rabbits chewing toys. i found a stash of them in the hall closet the other day!!

    crystal said on July 8, 2004 at 6:09 pm

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