Meet our newest member of the family, Akasha. In case you aren’t familiar with Anne Rice, Akasha is the name of the first vampire, aka the Queen of the Damned.

I’m not sure what’s up with her ears in the picture.

You can see where she was shaved for her surgery.

She’s adjusting very well to being here and thinks she rules this place already. Spencer isn’t adjusting quite as well. He’s not thrilled with her being here. Right now we’re keeping her in the computer room. We let her out in the rest of the apartment earlier when Spencer was hiding under the bed (he thought we had the cat carrier out to put him in it so he hid most of the day). She found the cat perch all by herself and loved it. Spencer doesn’t use it because he’s a little too heavy (the velco makes a noise and he doesn’t like that). She went into the bedroom though where Spencer was hiding under the bed. He saw her and went running over to her. Someone hissed but I’m not sure who. Then Spencer went back under the bed. We hadn’t meant for them to meet quite like that but we weren’t expecting her to go back to the bedroom.

  • she’s so cute!

    also, kitties are so funny!!

    crystal said on July 10, 2004 at 2:52 am
  • Aw… She’s lovely! I hope spencer gets used to her soon.

  • She reminds me a lot of Lennon, Denise’s cat. They may hiss at each other for a little bit at first, but they’ll get used to each other. We have Lennon and Ninja cohabiting now; Ninja loves to bother Lennon but Lennon doesn’t do any harm to the little kitten, thankfully.

  • oh, she’s so beautiful! Akasha is a great name too :)

  • She’s cute! =D And the ears in the first picture look like they have (old) teddybear “fur” in them! hehe

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