I’m still trying to get my household object finished for class. It’s due by 1 am. I think I should be okay. I’ll post my two projects on here once I’m finished.

Jen from worked called and asked if I wanted to come in tonight since Megan never showed up. She had been on vacation the past few weeks and I guess didn’t bother checking the schedule. She’s scheduled to work tomorrow. Wonder if she’ll show up? There’s already two associates working tomorrow plus the keyholder so it wouldn’t be too terrible if she didn’t. I wonder if she’s going to work any of the times she’s scheduled for this week. I think she’s supposed to work like Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday or something. I already work Saturday so I don’t have to worry about getting called in then. Although I am worried that they’re going to ask me to work Tuesday. Laura, who’s supposed to work 10-4, left a note last week saying she couldn’t work then. But no one there ever changed the schedule. I’m scheduled off Monday-Thursday. I know I complained before about only working 15 hours this week, but after I realized how much the two projects that are due next week are worth, I was glad to have those days off.

I know I can say no if they ask me to work. I hate doing that though. And often even though I don’t want to, I’ll say I can work. I’m afraid they’ll ask me and I’ll feel bad and say yes. Then I’ll be screwed because I don’t have enough time to work on my homework. It’s not really fair though. It’s not my fault they’re not working when they’re scheduled. I was scheduled those days off. And it’s not like when I worked at the Book Market and was one of three key holders and one always had to be in the store. I’m just a regular associate. So I shouldn’t feel bad but I do.