too many hobbies!

I have too many hobbies! I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I haven’t been sure what to do with myself all evening. It’s not that there’s anything I don’t want to do. It’s that there’s too much and I can’t pick!

I want to make cool graphics in Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator.
I want to make non-digital artwork like Spencer’s picture
I want to cross-stitch while watching TV
I want to design cross-stitches
I want to work on mystical creatures and add more info
I want to draw mystical creatures
I want to get quote-cache up and running
I want to add the rest of my photos to fuzzydoodles
I want to work more on restoring old photos and make that section on fuzzydoodles
I want to design website templates
I want to design a new layout for oceanbreeze
I want to paint my halloween ceramics
I want to work on my haunted house I was making
I want to play computer games like Diablo II and Ghost Master and the Sims

I find myself drawn back to working on my homework over and over again. Not just because I enjoy it, but because it’s something I have to do. I usually procrastinate terribly but I haven’t so far with this course. Working on homework (although I don’t think I’d work on it if I didn’t enjoy it) gives me a reason not to decide on something else to do. I drew my self-portrait and scanned it. It’s all ready to be traced in Illustrator, which I plan to do tomorrow. And now, I don’t know what to do. Working on something means neglecting something else.

I also need to make a website layout for Hazel. That’s something I want to do and have to do so I should be drawn to it like I am to my homework, but I’ m not. Probably because I’m still trying to think of how I want to do it. Once I know where I’m headed with that I’ll probably have it done in no time. I just have to come up with that initial inspiration. And I’m not feeling very website inspired tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will be.

I think I’ll go try and level up my character in Diablo so I can wear this cool blue armor I got. Then at 10:30 I’ll watch Boy Meets World and do some cross-stitching.

  • There is absolutely no rush for my website – wait until the mood takes you to do it – no point in forcing yourself to do something that you aren’t in the mood for!

  • Are there different servers in Diablo? Scott plays Diablo II, he has characters named Froho_ (always froho followed by some other letter) if you ever see him in game.

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