I feel stressed.

I’m not overly overwhelmed by anything so I really shouldn’t feel stressed. But I do.

First off, changing web hosts. It can never go without problems can it? They were supposed to transfer over my accounts through WebHostManager. Well, they transferred over the account names and passwords and users. But they didn’t transfer over all the settings, like email and ftp acccounts, or databases, or files. I had assumed they’d do this since that’s what resellerspace did when they transferrred my account through WHM. I’m waiting for a response on the email I sent. I also asked if there was a way to change the cpanel theme for a domain through WHM since the “modify account” option is missing. Finally, it lists the sites as being /home2/ instead of /home/. I really don’t like that. For one, that means I have to change so much stuff on every domain. For another, it just doesn’t look as nice as /home/. I asked about that as well. Well, I asked if I would have to change all my files to /home2/. I’m thinking I probably will have to. I’m not upset with my hosts or anything. At least they’re giving me support responses! It’s just a bit of a pain when things are different from your previous host. I know when I switched hosts last time, they didn’t allow ‘-‘s in domain usernames so I had to change some usernames and then change that in includes and codes. Like fire-ice designs had been fire-ice but I had to change it to fireice as the user.

The next bit of stress: work, as usual. As I said in my post yesterday, Megan didn’t show up last night. She didn’t show up today. I don’t know if she’ll show up Tuesday or Saturday when she’s supposed to work. I’m thinking no. So now they’ll need someone to work Tuesday day and night. I don’t think Alison can do it because she’s having her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. There are two other people who could work, one day and one night. But who knows if they’re available.

I’m seriously considering not answering the phone tomorrow. They could leave a message, of course. They have both my home and cell numbers. I’ll feel bad though if I listen to the message and don’t call back. I’m also still waiting for the orthopedic doctor to call and set up an appointment and I don’t really want to miss their call. I hate this. I hate that I’m worrying about it so much. I wish I could just tell them “no” if they call and not feel bad or guilty. I don’t want to go in either. One reason is that I’m always so sore and tired and I really want those days off to rest this week. Another is that I want that time to work on my homework. And the third is that I just don’t want to work that day. I was scheduled that day off and I want it off. None of them seem like really good reasons to tell them though. The homework possibly, but since I have four days off I don’t think they’ll see it as a good one. It is, but I don’t think they’ll understand just how much work I have to put into these classes. I could tell them, but Sharon is always usually impersonal and uncaring-seeming. I don’t think she is uncaring, but it’s just how she comes off. I keep trying to think of an excuse I could tell them. Baby-sitting (not that I ever baby-sat a day in my life, going out of town, appointment somewhere. I don’t really want to lie to them either though. *sigh*

The third thing is one of the assignments for this week. It’s to draw an interesting view from your window. I don’t have any interesting views. It’s just of other brick buildings. I don’t know though if we’re allowed to draw something from our imagination, like a beach scene or a garden. I can ask during tomorrow’s lecture/chat thing if I’m back in time from dinner but I don’t know if I will be. She’ll probably mention it in chat, but I guess can always email her tomorrow night and ask her if she doesn’t. I just hate having to wait to know the answer.

  • I remember when I transferred imbri from cyberpixels to hostradius. my username went from “imbri” to “kristal” and I panicked – I didn’t want to change all my php includes and things! thankfully, when I emailed Shi to ask if she could change my username, she did. :)

    changing hosts is never fun. I’m sorry you have to do it again :(

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