shrek and stuff

Days that Joe and I both have off together are nice. This afternoon we went and saw Shrek 2 and loved it. It was a gorgously sunny day and from the hill that the theatre is on you could see for miles. After that we went to my parent’s house. There we ate brats (them) and hot dogs (me). We sat out in the backyard while they were cooking on the grill. Tonight we spent playing Diablo 2 over the network.
Tomorrow I have to work early. I usually only work early one day a week so it’s not too bad but I get used to sleeping in so it makes it harder. I don’t usually go to bed till after 2 so being asleep by 1 is difficult. Next week I work 5 days again but I asked the acting manager and she said that it’ll normally be 4 days. They just hired someone new (a sophmore in high school…I want people my age!). She starts next Sunday. And soon all the high school students will be out of school. Although one is away for the next three weeks (lucky!). So maybe the week after I’ll get my three days off again.
I called my doctor and got an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. I’m still not sure how productive it will be (since as I said he might want an X-ray or to send me to an orthopedic guy). It’s odd, after I made that appointment my hip was bothering me worse than ever. I really need to get this fixed though. It’s really affecting my sleep. It’s not usually too bad when I first go to sleep but towards morning it gets worse. I just can’t find a comfortable way to lay. It really doesn’t help that Spencer still insists on coming into the room and meowing at me every 10 minutes to get up after 10 am.