This week for class we have to draw a household object and our index finger. The index finger is going to be hard because we’re supposed to use a gradient mesh to create it. I tried using gradient meshes and well, made a mess out of my mesh. I really want to learn how to use them properly. You can create really photo-realistic effects using them. For the household object I’m going to draw my Gameboy Advance SP (it’s red). Hopefully that qualifies as a household object. I think that will be really fun to do.

I’m a bit concerned about my job. I’m supposed to work 20-25 hours a week. The week after this I’m only scheduled for 15 hours. The woman who does the schedule is on vacation so I can’t say anything to her about it till after this week. The real manager comes back July 5, the one who hired me and said I could get that many hours. If I’m scheduled for that few again I’m going to have to say something to the assistant manager, and then the manager when she comes back. I don’t know what I’m going to do if they can’t give me more hours. Find another job I guess. I really can’t afford to work less than 20 hours a week. The only good thing is that the week I only work 15 hours, I have four days off (Monday through Thursday). That’s the second to last week of class and it’s the week that our two hardest projects that are worth the most points are due. I’ll have plenty of time to work on them at least. That’s the week we have to do a still-life and view from a window.

Tomorrow I go see the gynocologist (sorry for any guys that read this). Just a yearly check-up. I’m thinking of switching BC pills though. I’m currently on Alesse and take them two months back to back so I only get a period every other month. I’m considering taking Seasonale. With that, you take them so you only get four periods a year. From what I read, break-through-bleeding can be pretty common on them at first but I get that sometimes on Alesse. So if my doctor agrees I figure it’s worth a shot. Four periods a year sounds great.

  • Have fun at the gyno! Can’t say I’m jealous… 😉 I do the same thing with my pill, except with it you can skip as many as you like, so it’s cool. I usually do every second one, though, just to make sure everything’s good.

  • reading about you trying the GBA made me think of an illustration I saw someone do once… I finally found it: here – isn’t it amazing?! I’m sure yours will look that great too 😀

  • oh, and here are the two posts she made about the pic:

    (not sure if they’d be helpful but what the heck :) )

  • thank you for those links :) i love looking at things people made in illustrator.

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