perfect again

I got my grades today for last week’s assignments. I got three perfects again. My average in that class is still 100! I’m really glad, but things like that start to add a lot more pressure. Not that pressure isn’t good, because it inspires you to be better. But it’s still more pressure. I want to keep my 100 average so it means the rest of my assignments have to be outstanding as well and I can’t slack off. I’m kind of nervous about getting this week’s assignments finished in time. I work the next two nights and have off Saturday. They’re due Saturday at 1 am my time. I have plenty of time Saturday to work on them but I hate having to wait until then to finish. I’ve finished all my other projects at least by Friday the last two weeks. Drawing a Gameboy Advance SP is harder than I thought! The index finger was easy compared to that. But I’m still not finished with the finger either. Right now it’s just a floating finger and I need to add some kind of background. Plus do a little more work to the finger itself.

One of my classmates emailed me today asking me for help on the projects because they thought I was the best in the class. I was rather flattered. I did my best to help them in my reply, but it can be hard to explain how to do things. I wouldn’t say I’m the best in the class, because I really don’t know if I am. I’ve only seen a few other people’s artwork that they uploaded to be critiqued. Not everyone uploads things (it has to be uploaded by Wed. for that night’s critique). I’ve uploaded something every week so that’s how she saw my work. I’d love to see other people’s finished work though. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I do think I’m the best, or next to the best (one other woman is good as well) of those who uploaded files to be critiqued.

A lot of people are still having trouble learning Illustrator. I feel really bad for them. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. The projects take up a lot of my time and I feel comfortable with the program now. It must take even longer for them. Thank you Photoshop exerience in helping me with that. Different tools work different, but the interface is familar at least.

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