long entry

I am sooo glad that my server move is complete and I can post again (well, I could post before but the layout was all screwy). I was going through blogging withdrawl. I had stuff to post but couldn’t post it! Thank you for your comments that you could see my site. I saw those comments in my email this morning and was happy.

Let’s see. They did try to call me into work last night but I didn’t answer either phone (home or cell). They left a message on my cell phone but I didn’t get that till late at night since I had my cell phone off. Don’t know why they never left a message on my home phone. Just called every 10 minutes or so for like an hour. Yeah. I felt sort of bad, but I really had to do my homework (I finished one assignment last night) and would probably have gone in if I had answered the phone because I’d have felt guilty. The girl who didn’t show up Sat or Sun didn’t show up again last night. I could have told them that. The asst. manager should have called her Monday and asked her. That’s the only reason I don’t feel *too* bad. The whole thing could have been avoided. But that’s the only time they called. Don’t know who worked Tuesday during the day.

Next up: grades. My grades for my assignments last week were posted. Not all perfects unfortunately. I had a perfect on my gameboy and a perfect on my discussion board posts, but got 70/75 on my finger. I’m dissapointed, but my average is a 99% at least. She didn’t say what I could have improved on the finger. I thought it was pretty good.

Finally, cross-stitch. I haven’t been doing too much lately because I just couldn’t get into what I was working on. I stopped working on the owl and started doing one of three root beer floats but wasn’t that interested in that either. I had to change the fabric on that one because the Aida that came with it was dirty. So I used some of my extra sparkly white evenweave. It’s going to look good when framed, but it doesn’t look as good when you’re stitching on it. You can see through it easily and that gives the fabric a slightly different color. It will be fine in front of a piece of white cardboard though in a frame. I finished one of the floats but haven’t updated my x-stitch site yet. My scanner is currently unplugged on my floor because I was using that shelf on my computer desk to put my still-life on for class. After I finished one of the floats, I didn’t have much interest in doing the other two right now. So I started my Mummy Halloween Whimsie. I had been wanting to start that for awhile but was reluctant because I love those and it was my last one I had to do. I had been looking for the ghost and one of the witch’s online to buy but hadn’t been able to find them anywhere cheap. Monday night I happened to check ebay and someone had a bunch of them for sale. I bought the ghost and the witch, plus another small one: Dimensions Autumn Angel. It was the first I had seen that and I fell in love with it. I’m anxious to receive them. For some reason, I like to stitch fall things in the summer and summer things in winter.

  • I’ve really been slacking on cross-stitch recently; I’m doing the Strawberry Fields SAL and part 3’s been out for a few weeks, yet I’m still on part 2. I just can’t be motivated to do it while doing so many other things!

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