Illustration looks like it’s going to rock. The assignments look a little more time-consuming than my last class but so much more interesting. There’s still discussion board assignments where we have to write things, but the individual assignments are all design ones.
Here’s the basic list of individual assignments (all are to be done in Illustrator):

  • create an illustration composed of abstract shapes
  • create an artwork based on a photograph (scan and trace but I can probably use one from my digital camera)
  • draw a self-portrait (draw in pencil and scan to use as a template)
  • color the self-portrait
  • draw a household item (most realistic you can make it)
  • draw your index finger (i’m a little ehh about this one. rather draw an eye or something)
  • draw a view from your window (supposed to be an interesting view but none of my views are interesting)
  • draw a still-life illustration used two advanced Illustrator techniques
  • create a mockup of a web page using Illustrator (group project…group just decides what elements it will have and where it will go…ex. navigation, banner, etc. how cool is that project?)
  • optimize graphics and text for the web for the webpage mockup. write an explanation of why and how you did what you did (again…how cool is that?)

I’m anxious to get started on these projects!

  • I imagine they said a finger because hands are hard to draw properly, and many people don’t sketch them all the time. mostly people to sketch eyes frequently (I know that I do. :-) )

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