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Joe and I went to the 10:10 showing of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night. The theatre wasn’t very crowded and was mostly adults. There were two kids there, which I was suprised about. I wasn’t expecting to see any since the movie wasn’t going to be over until 12:40. The kids were probably around 8 or 9 years old.
Anyway, click below to read what I thought of the movie.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the new director. I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea of a new director. I like familiarity. I hadn’t been overly impressed with the previous movies. I enjoyed them a lot, but they seemed a bit dull when watching them over. The third book was my favorite one and I was worried about what the director would do with it.
I wasn’t happy with how it started out. I didn’t like the way the camera was in the beginning. The home movie feel just didn’t feel right for that type of movie. I mean, come on. Would you have a home movie feel to Lord of the Rings? After that it improved. The flying dementors really annoyed me. Dementors don’t fly! They glide.
I wasn’t thrilled with the choice of Lupin. As I told Joe, Lupin should have been cuter. When I first heard Gary Oldman was going to be Sirius I couldn’t imagine it. I thought he was excellent though. I’ve always loved Emma Watson as Hermione and still think she is the best young actor in it. I wish there would have been more of the professors. And as Krissy said, more classroom scenes. I don’t wish there had been more Quidditch as I’m not a big fan of watching it. I liked the new Dumbledore. He was more of how I pictured Dumbledore in the books. The previous one just didn’t have the spark that Dumbledore is supposed to have. And Dumbledore’s fingernails in the movie? Ew.
I think the movie would have been hard to understand if you hadn’t read the books. There’s just so much they didn’t explain. And of course there’s things that didn’t happen as they did in the books such as when Harry recieved the Firebolt and how Ron and Hermione had much more of a fight over Crookshanks supposedly eating Scabbers.
One of my favorite parts was when Buckbeak was eating the bats that flew by near the end of the movie. I don’t know why, I just found it amusing. I loved the boggart scene in the DADA class as well.
I didn’t understand why Harry’s patronus appeared as a stag to him when he was across the lake and didn’t appear as one when he actually did the spell. I thought this movie was more interesting than the other two and has much more rewatching value. I liked it, but I’m not sure how much I liked it. I know they couldn’t put everything into the movie but since it was my favorite book I would have liked to have seen more of it in it.

  • I agree with you on Dumbledore’s fingernails. yuck!

    when Buckbeak was leaping around with the bats, Jesse leaned over to me and said “that’s just like Sirius!” because yeah, my dog likes to jump all over like that. the kids sitting near us looked really confused; I guess they thought she meant Sirius-in-movie. haha.

    Emma Watson is excellent; she’s a wonderful actress. she is exactly how I envisioned Hermione. 😀

    Lupin grew on me after a while, but I agree, he should have been cuter. I was ready to hate Gary Oldman for destroying Sirius Black but… he didn’t. I was surprised (happily). love Sirius! yes!

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