Usually I’m not annoyed by the customers at work. Most of them are nice and easy going and the atmosphere is usually very relaxed. Especially during the week. During the day you usually only have to help one customer at a time. Weekends can be a little more crazy. Most of tonight was actually pretty slow. Up until about 8:15 that is. After that it wasn’t that there was a huge amount of people in the store. It was that everyone wanted big items and put them at the register while they were looking around and all had back door pick-ups. We also have 40% off clearance items so that what a majority of the items. All but two customers were taken care of and out of the store by 9 (one was a family). These last two didn’t leave until 9:20! We close at 9. They were just walking around looking. They had a bunch of stuff to buy then too. And back door pickups. The one had $118 worth of things but then their credit card was declined. So we had to put their stuff on hold in the back till they came back tomorrow.
I don’t know. I just think it’s rude of people to stay in a store past closing time. This was the first they were in there that late when I worked. If anything it’s usually just a few minutes. I know it’s happened to other people that work there though. Once the people stayed till 9:30 just talking to each other and then didn’t buy anything. I would have been so mad if I had been working that day. When I’m in a store I always make sure I’m out of the there by the time they close. And we’re not allowed to say anything to the customers like “you have to leave”. That’s a really stupid policy. But argh! Those customers. They just don’t seem to realize (or care) that we have lives outside our job.
I know it’s not just retail people that have to deal with that. Restaurants definately do. I imagine places like doctors or eyedoctors or dentists do too. They could get stuck with a patient that just won’t stop asking questions or take forever picking out frames (although that’s sort of a retail aspect) when it’s time to go to lunch or go home. In fact, I guess it could happen to anyone who has to deal with people. I guess even a graphic designer could. A client could call you at the last minute before you leave with changes to a project or something.
People just need to respect other people’s time more.

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