Yesterday at the grocery store Joe and I saw they had C2 there, the new lower calorie, lower sugar Coke. Joe had just been telling me about the other day and we were anxious to try it. I was pleasantly surprised. It does have aspertame but it also has sucralose. I couldn’t taste the aspertame even though I usually can. It tastes almost exactly like regular Coke. In fact, you’d need to drink them right after each other to tell a difference. With half the calories and half the sugar, it’s a great alternative to regular Coke. I love Coke and drink way too much of it so to me C2 is great. I’ll still drink regular Coke too of course but I’ll try to limit myself to more C2 than regular Coke. I just hope it sticks around.

  • C2 is great! Scott and I had some this past weekend and we were surprised that it tasted exactly like regular Coke. Scott and I just drink a lot of Diet Coke these days because my teeth are soo bad and he wants to eat and drink better.

  • we tried some too – to my great surprise, it tasted good. aspartame makes drinks taste rusty and awful to me, so I can’t drink diet anything.

  • i tried it, too, and i could not tell the difference. i’m not a big coke drinker because i think it’s too sweet, but i’m glad it’s not going to hurt me in the long run if i get the urge to drink it. i much prefer Cherry Coke or Diet Cherry Coke, in terms of Coke products… at least C2 is nothing like New Coke. now that was just horrid.

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