I just checked the voicemail on the home phone (it’s sprint voice mail) and there were three messages. One was on the 17th from the orthopedic’s doctors office. 10 days ago! I had thought there would be some sort of beep on the phone when you picked it up to tell you (that’s how my grandmother’s had worked years ago). This isn’t entirely unfounded because the phone beeped three times when I picked it up to make a call one day. Hence I thought it beeped when you had a message. Apparently not. I’m really upset about this. I could maybe have had my appointment for this week. Now I doubt I’d get in that soon. And I don’t know my schedule for next week, so I can’t make one for next week. It would have to be two weeks away or more (I don’t even know how far in advance they book up).

I just can’t believe that.